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  • Seven advantages of Jilin Zhonglu Company at present
  • Date:2014-08-06  Source:
  • Compared with other domestic companies in same industry, Jilin Zhonglu Company has following seven advantages at present:

    1. Industrial structure. The industrial structure is a coordinated process service which includes production, research and development and selling of soil stabilizing agent. It is quite unique among all domestic stabilizing agent companies.

    2. Scale of production. A soil stabilizing agent project with annual production capacity of 2000 tons was established and put into use in June 2008 in Helong economic development zone of Changchun. The project was listed in the National Key Project of Energy Saving and Environment Protection by National Development and Reform Commission, ever since then, the company has entered a new development era. The production, research and development and training base of soil stabilizing agent was formed preliminarily, which is capable of meeting domestic market demand for soil stabilizing agents. The company is preparing for the construction of Phase II project to improve low carbon economy industrial chain and expand production scale.

    3. Product superiority. The company''''s main product ZL series soil stabilizing agent is the first domestic soil stabilizing agent product that has passed the certification of Ministry of Transport. The product performance is stable, the quality is reliable, the application range is wide. It applies to both silty soil, clayey soil and sandy soil. It can be used in pavement base, subbase and roadbed of roads at all levels. In 2010, ZL soil stabilizing agent was firstly applied in pavement subbase of Changbai expressway for the length of approximately 80km, all road performance indicators were good. It is a new environment-friendly road material, convenient to transport, easy to construct, non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting. The price of ZL series soil stabilizing agent is reasonable, the price per ton is generally 50% lower than the same products abroad, which is suitable to China''''s situation and popular with consumers. 

    4. Technical superiority. The company has powerful research and development strength and technological superiority, which is one of the earliest high-tech enterprise that specialized in research and development of soil stabilizing agent. It has several national invention patents and proprietary technologies with independent intellectual property, the inventor of ZL soil stabilizing agent patent and application technology of soil stabilizing agent(namely Application Technology of Compound Stabilized Soil Base) is work in our company. Research results of Application Technology of Compound Stabilized Soil Base Course undertook collaboratively by Songyuan Transportation Bureau and our company reached the leading domestic level generally, of which the research results in the aspect of seasonally frozen region reached international advanced level. In September 2008, the technology has passed post evaluation of scientific and technological achievements by West Transport Construction Science and Technology Project Management Center, Ministry of Transport; it was included in "2008 Transport Science and Technology Project Execution Plan" in December of the same year and promoted throughout the country. July 2010, "Technical Manual of Design and Construction of Compound Stabilized Soil Base and Subbase", directly prepared and operated by our company, the first local guidance document on application technology of soil stabilizing agent in our country, was issued by Jilin Provincial Transport Department, thus, the history of lacking of technical specification for application of stabilizing agent in road was ended. In order to meet requirements of market, adapt to research and development requirements of products and technologies, the company has formed strategic partnerships with colleges and universities inside and outside the province, such as Harbin Institute of Technology, Jilin University etc. and highway design and research institutes in recent years, strengthened capability of independent innovation and technological innovation significantly; and successfully developed and mastered a set of mature technology on treatment of iron tailings slag, cold recycling technology, treatment and application of gravel and weathered stone, cost reduction and project quality improvement etc. which provided sufficient technical guarantee for sustainable development of the company.

    5. Market resources. The company has established marketing network across the country through product promotion over the years, successively appointed general sales agents in more than a dozen provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions such as Shandong, Heilongjiang, Shanxi, Tianjin etc., and summarized a set of mature management methods and experiences of agents, distributors and intermediary agents, direct Manufactures. The company has broad connection with competent departments of transport industry at all levels, especially with the propaganda and implementation of "Technical Manual of Design and Construction of Compound Stabilized Soil Base and Subbase", ZL series soil stabilizing agents have been known and accepted by more and more owners, road design agencies and construction companies.

    6. Technical service. In order to strengthen on-site construction guidance on application of soil stabilizing agent and ensure road construction quality, the Engineering Department with a number of experienced engineers majored in highway and bridge was set up specially, which is responsible for providing pre-sale and after-sale service of ZL products, as well as free on-site construction training and technical guidance for customers to ensure the smooth promotion of the new products and new technologies. 

    7. Human resources. The company adheres to the "people-oriented" business philosophy, both the age structure and professional structure of the leading group are scientific and reasonable. There are 50 employees, more than 70% of employees have college degree or above, more than 35% of employees have intermediate and senior professional titles, including 11 engineers, 1 certified public accountant, 1 constructor, 2 senior economist, 5 senior engineers, 1 researcher and 1 professor. Pre-service training will be carried out for new employees, special adaptability training will be carried out for all employees each year, and it basically meets the requirement of development of company for human resources.

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